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Judson ISD District Concussion Protocol

Concussion Documents and Useful Information

Return to Play Protocol

Judson ISD coaches and trainers prioritize safety above competition. This article details our protocols for student athletes experiencing a concussion.

Step 1

  • Contact your high school athletic trainer. Set up an appointment to be evaluated and to review the protocols.
  • If you have been to the emergency room or doctor already, please bring that paperwork. Doctors’ notes will not supersede state law governing concussion protocols.

For middle school students, please contact your head coach to connect you with the middle school athletic trainer.

Parent Concussion Information and Home Instructions

Step 2

  • Meet with the Athletic Trainer to discuss appropriate action and to set-up any additional testing necessary.
  • Receive the required forms

Step 3

The athlete must meet all four criteria before starting the Return to Play Protocol (6-Day Return to Play)

  1. Must be completely asymptomatic (See Daily Symptom Checklist – 24 hours)
  2. Testing must return to baseline/normal range
  3. Must return to academics per doctor’s orders.
  4. Must be released in writing by the treating physician before starting the Return to Play Protocol

Step 4

Once the 4 Criteria are met the athlete will begin the Return to Play Protocol (6 Day Return to Play).  Example of workout:

  • Day 1 – 24 hours of no symptoms
  • Day 2 – Light aerobic exercise (ex: stationary bike for 20-25 min)
  • Day 3 – Moderate aerobic exercise (ex: running 1 mile)
  • Day 4 – Sport Specific non-contact exercise (ex: sprints, push-ups, or sport-specific drills)
  • Day 5 – Full Contact Practice
  • Day 6 – Full Release to Activity

* Each step must be 24 hours with no return of symptoms. The athlete will complete the Daily Symptom Checklist during the Return to Play protocol (6-Day Return to Play)

Step 5

On Day 6 of the 6-Day Return to Play, the athlete will have all of the following on file with the Athletic Trainer of the High School for which the athlete is zoned.


All of the following four documents must be on file with the athlete’s zoned high school athletic trainer prior to returning to sports.  These forms can be downloaded below.

JISD Concussion Referral Form
JISD Concussion Academic Release Form
JISD Concussion Guidelines and RTP Protocol - Parents
JISD Concussion Daily Symptom Tracker
UIL Release (on last day of RTPP)

State Law – HB 2038 (Natasha’s Law)

In Summer 2011, a new law was passed that mandates how concussions for UIL-sanctioned sports are managed.

HB 2038 Natasha’s Law

FAQ about HB 2038 Natasha’s Law

Concussion Oversight Team

JISD uses scientific peer-reviewed evidence to establish the Return to Play protocol.
Consensus Statement of Concussion 

The JISD Concussion Oversight Team (COT) is made up of local physicians and all of the JISD Athletic Trainers – If a school district or open-enrollment charter school employs an athletic trainer, the athletic trainer must be a member of the district or charter school concussion oversight team. Each member of the concussion oversight team must have had training in the evaluation, treatment, and oversight of concussions at the time of appointment or approval as a member of the team. All members participate in annual concussion training to stay abreast of current concussion information.

Concussion Oversight Team Physicians



Phone Number

Dr. Ralph “Bud” Curtis

Sports Medicine Associates  


Dr. Dan Santa Maria

Sports Medicine Associates


Concussion Oversight Athletic Trainers




David Stickelbault

Judson High School

Bonnie Huerta

Judson High School

Phillip Muzquiz

Wagner High School

Leynah Flores

Wagner High School

Samuel Lawson

Veterans Memorial High School

Amie Potter

Veterans Memorial High School

Justin Casey Rocha

All Middle Schools


Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need to see a doctor if they have a suspected concussion?

Yes, state law (HB 2038 – Natasha’s Law) requires that an athlete with a suspected concussion be seen by a doctor.  The number of visits will be dependent on the treating physician and the athlete’s recovery.

Can I go to my family doctor to get clearance for a concussion?

Yes, however, we highly recommend that athletes be seen by physicians with concussion management experience.  Ask your Athletic Trainer about local physicians that specialize in this area.

Can a chiropractor clear my child for a concussion?

No, chiropractors do not meet the Texas State Occupational code that is required in HB 2038 – Natasha’s Law.

Can a note from an Emergency Room Physician clear an athlete for the Return to Play Protocol?

No, emergency room physicians cannot clear an athlete for return to play.  In most cases where an athlete is at the emergency room for a concussion, it is soon after the initial injury and they are trying to rule out a more serious condition (subdural hematoma or intracranial bleed).   The emergency room physician will require a follow-up with the primary care physician.

If my doctor clears my child to return to play is that all that is required for them to go back to athletics?

No, HB 2038 – Natasha’s Law requires that a concussed athlete must complete the School District Return to Play protocol.  Recent changes to the law allow a chiropractor to rule a kid out for a concussion on the sideline but they still cannot release an athlete back to play.

Who decides what is in the District Return to Play protocol?

The Return to Play Protocol is developed by a Concussion Oversight Committee (Made up of local physicians and the high school athletic trainers) based on current scientific peer-reviewed concussion studies.

Does my child have to see one of the COT (Concussion Oversight Team) doctors following a concussion?

No, although these doctors are excellent at dealing with sport-related concussions the primary role of the COT is to help establish a written district Return to Play Protocol in conjunction with the JISD Athletic Trainers.

If my child receives a concussion outside of school (Non-school related function: i.e. – club sports, horseplay, accident, etc.) do they still need to complete the Return to Play protocol?

Yes, if your child wishes to participate in any UIL related sponsored sport then they must complete the JISD Return to Play Protocol.  This includes concussions suffered in the off-season or summer.

Can I sign a waiver (limiting liability to the school) that allows my child to return to play without having to see the Dr. or complete the Return to Play Protocol?

No, concussions are one of the few injuries that have a specific state law governing UIL sports and the process for returning to activity.

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